An example of the detailed simulations the Otherland network has to offer is the 'Eight Squared' World (Above).

 The Otherland network is the most complicated VR network ever developed in the history of mankind. Using the minds of innocent children as well as a purpose built AI entity known only as 'The Other', it has expanded into a web of thousands of intricately detailed simulations; each one complex and detailed enough to mirror real life (RL).

Origins of the NetworkEdit

The network itself was created by The Grail Brotherhood as a platform from which they would achieve immortality. They planned to create this artificial universe where they had limitless power so that when the time came for them to assume their roles as the gods of Otherland, they would have a fresh environment for them to live in forever. The network itself is the brain-child of Felix Jongleur, ruthless leader of The Grail Brotherhood. From an early age, Jongleur had been fixated on death and it was the only thing he feared. He allied himself with other influential people from across the globe and very soon had a group of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world who shared his vision of immortality.